Over the years we have had great recommendation of all our trips. Feedback given to us are that, the children are always ready and prepared to go school because of the attraction of the school unit, children are now able to study a little longer into the night because of the lamps we gave out and food have been sufficient over a period after ur visit.

For the team that join us on our charity trips, their greatest joy has always been the fulfilment of hearts and the joy of seeing others smile. TWAP gives the youth the opportunity to move out of their comfort zone and lend a helping hand.

EXPOSURE AND ADVENTURE: Because Touring with a Purpose deals with the youth, there is always an adventurous aspect of our trip which serves as a source of socilaizing and networking.

GABI KPO PROJECT: The Gabi Kpo project is our initial building project our team has handled. The island which is located at Kpando has a population size of about 100 with half of them being under 10 years old. They lack basic social amenities such as school, hospital, portable drinking water etc

We decided to go and pay them a visit and to see how best we can help them with special attention given to their school building. Below are some images.

The Gabi Kpo Community
Some of the children on the Island
Before Image of the School
After Building the school with the funds raised
The we joined hands to paint the building
With the help of our volunteer artists, we made this beautiful design
The children were not left out in designing the school
Looking through their eyes, the future looks bright

The beautiful part of this project is that the team gets to explore and experience life outside the city. Below are some interesting moments for the team(volunteers) who went with us to the Island. Below are some images..

We caught our fish and did justice to it
Our sleeping in tents was another adventure

In conclusion, we have made impact in the lives of children on the island and we will be going over next year to evaluate how they are using the building.

We are grateful to all our sponsors who have helped in making this a success. We hope to do more in subsequent years.

Thank you.


Touring With A Purpose (TWAP) is one of Pervita’s creative means of bringing the youth together and help give back to the community.

TWAP is a great initiative because it involves tourism and charity. Our trips are usally to enjoy beautiful sites in Ghana but also to give back to the community. It is usally aimed at changing lives of children living in Rural communities of Ghana.

Our focus with TWAP is mainly education therefore we target educative projcts that can help impact lives of less priviledged children.

Every calendar year, we embark on TWAP atleast twice in a year. However, sometimes it is difficult when it comes to funding and so it becomes very challenging reaching out to less privileged children.

Over the years we have visited the following :

  1. Village of Hope, Winneba. Over there, we donated some food items and engaged the children in creative arts and bead making sessions.
  2. Nzulezu, Western Region. Over there we donated 120 pieces of lanterns and some educational materials.
  3. Mama Lardi Orphanage Home, Bolgatanga. Over there we donated food items and and some educative materials.
  4. City of Refuge, Doryimu. Over there we donated some art works and engaged children in some eductive activities.
  5. Agbagorme Basic School Volta Region. Over there, we helped to paint their school building and engaged children in some creative art activities.
  6. Demonstration School for the Deaf, Easten Region. Over there, we donated some food items and gave out scholarships to the children.
  7. Gabi Kpo School, Volta Region. Over there we helped renovate and complete their school building for them.

Please find below some images of our past projects.

Agbagorme Paiting Project
Beadmaking at Village of Hope
Presentation at Demonstration School for the deaf.
Portrait activity with the children
Scholarship packages for less privileged children
Donation items for Village of Hope children


TOURING WITH A PURPOSE 2019- A visit to Gabi Kpo
Gabi Kpo is a small island located at Kpando, Volta Region. One needs to cross the Volta lake for 20 minutes before reaching the folks on the island.
The inhabitants on Gabi Kpo Island lack basic social amenities such as portable drinking water and a basic school.
By dint of hard work, the inhabitant have built a structure to educate the children on the Island.
By way of giving back to society, Pervita Foundation would like to support the folks of Gabi Kpo to complete the structure and help get children to attain quality education and the foundation level.