End of year Christmas projects

Christmas is a season of sharing and showing love to people. Christmas season adds a touch of love and care we give to the needy in our societies. In the past years we have had different projects during Christmas. CHRISTMAS KIDS PARTY: It is an end of year dinner or lunch party we organise for […]

Let’s talk

Let’s talk LT is an educative and interactive seminar organized by PerVita Foundation in collaboration with Richbone Initiative Foundation to get the teenagers talking. A lot of young people, teenagers and even children get to a certain point in their life when playing with their friends isn’t exciting enough and they are exposed to wild […]

Touring with a purpose

We as a group believe there are a lot of great tourist site, that people from around the world can visit while in Africa. Our research and experience tells us that most of these beautiful sites and communities have a lot of issues facing the people within that setting. Touring with a purpose is a fun trip around […]

My Girl, My Pride

BRIEF INTRODUCTION OF MY GIRL, MY PRIDE Girls face discrimination, violence and abuse every day across the world. This alarming reality underpins the International Day of the Girl Child, a new global observance to highlight the importance of empowering girls and ensuring their human rights. Investing in girls is a moral imperative – a matter […]