Lets roof it (School building projects)


“ SHARE YOUR WEAR”, a charity modeling show by Pervita Foundation, seeks to bring out the best in Children and less privileged ones in our communities. The event also brought together, two different homes as well as friends and families.

Children took part in 4 different sessions; Creative art, One on One mentoring, Brain Cracking games and talent hunt.

This is our maiden modeling project and we hope to make this an annual event bring on board social entrepreneurs in Ghana to beautify the less privileged kids.



SYW is a charitable modelling show to distribute designed and used clothing to children in orphanage homes. This will drift from the normal donations because kids will model out clothes that will be donated to them.


It is to boost the confidence in children living in foster homes. It is to give children the opportunity to have fun in items donated to them. It is to give children free access to the modelling platform. It is to bring out the beauty hidden in the minds and hearts of these children. It is to encourage them to read more and have access to modern educational materials. What else will be done besides the modelling event? We will build mini libraries for these selected homes in addition to the main event. We believe as we clothe them, we would like them to develop also intellectually. Mini library will be stuffed with reading and writing books, pens, pencils, puzzles and other educative materials.

Woow, sounds interesting, what can i do to be a part of #SHARE YOUR WEAR#?

1. You can donate in cash to support the project

2. You can donate clothes( 6-18 years), shoes, bags, books, educative materials, children related items for the mini libraries.

3. If you are an individual or a fashionist into making of clothes, shoes, bags etc, you can donate or make clothes for these kids to model them out.

4. Make up artist are also needed to add up to the touch of beauty hidden inside these kids.

5. Support us with logistic ( stage, chairs, video, photography, music etc)

6. Lunch and drinks for the children.

Inbox or watssap 0243148781 for more details.