Annual foster home project


Every year, the Pervita Foundation and its loyal team take the initiative to cloth needy children in foster homes.

This year we are having a double celebration as we cloth children in foster homes and children living on the street.

We shall be having our annual foster home project with Power of Love Orphanage Home, Tema Community and then we will hit the streets of Tema on Christmas day to show love to children living on the street.

You can donate cash or pieces of materials, shoes, educative materials etc to make this event a success.

Call o57-56-14-777 or send us an email via and we will be glad to receive your donation. Like our facebook page( Pervita Foundation) for more update SPONSORS: NhyiLove Fashion, Paul Mens Clothing and Nana K Clothing

Bridging social conciousness amongst children




– Developing minds through colours ( painting, drawing, colour combination, mural)

– Origami training.

– Organize mini charity sales, where products made by children will be auctioned to build a facility for a foster home or to help address some pressing needs in selected foster homes.

– Have Forum Theater and other mini stage craft such using shadows, Also Known As Shadow Theater.

– Harness and build talents in children. – Learning through fun.