1. GROUP DISCUSSIONS AND TASK: Participants were grouped into 5 main groups. They were tasked to create their own group names and each member of the group was tasked to draw up their vision board. The vision board had their present situation as against their future ambitions.

2. MOTIVATIONAL SESSIONS FROM OUR FACILITATORS: We had facilitators who came in to speak with the participants on various topics affecting the girl child. Topics that were treated are as follows
– Building Confidence and trust in our parents
– MyGirl My Pride, The God’s way
– Causes, Effects and possible solutions to Teenage Pregnancy
– Gender Inequality
– How to save as a growing teenager
– Developing your passion into talent
– Being your own motivation

3. CREATIVE ART SESSION: Participants were taken through a session of creative art. This session was to develop their skills in art and to develop the skills of combining colours to make a beautiful master piece of art work. Participants were tasked to sell their art work during the fund raising session and this built up a lot of confidence in them as some were able to sell their product to support the project.

4. FUND RAISING AND AWARENESS WALK: As part of the activities, the participants had an
awareness walk through the Tema environs to educate the public on the educating the girl. It was an opportunity to sell their artwork and raise funds to support the camp activities.

5. COOKING COMPETITION: Participants were tasked to prepare local and continental dishes in 2 hours. This was to develop their team building skill, time management and to test their knowledge on cooking as a skill.

6. DRAMA SESSION: Team Members were tasked to come up with their own concepts on selected
topics. This task was to get their understanding on the topics we had treated in previous days.

7. SPORTS AND GAMES: Participants had series of games and fun during the camp session. These sessions were to encourage the girls to take part of social activities and develop sports as a source of entertainment. Participants discussed one key word each time during the sport session. Topic areas were Respect, Confidence etc.