History and progress


CAMP ACTIVITIES 1. GROUP DISCUSSIONS AND TASK: Participants were grouped into 5 main groups. They were tasked to create their own group names and each member of the group was tasked to draw up their vision board. The vision board … Continue reading

My Girl My Pride

PerVita Foundation wishes to indulge growing females in an interactive session by way of drawing nearer to them and sharing in their problems. This is event is part of our events to invest in education for girls and the less … Continue reading

Annual foster home project

Every year, the Pervita Foundation and its loyal team take the initiative to cloth needy children in foster homes. This year we are having a double celebration as we cloth children in foster homes and children living on the street. … Continue reading

Bridging social conciousness amongst children

  ACTIVITIES INCLUDE: – Developing minds through colours ( painting, drawing, colour combination, mural) – Origami training. – Organize mini charity sales, where products made by children will be auctioned to build a facility for a foster home or to … Continue reading