The Gbledi Hospital is located in the Volta Region. It serves the community folks and students who come to school at Gbledi.

The Pervita team decided to visit the hospital under the program TOURING WITH A PURPOSE. Touring With a purpose is an event under Pervita Foundation that seeks to visit beautiful sites in Ghana but leave a mark in the lives of the community that we will visit.

Prior to our visit to Gbledi hospital, our colleague Josephine Neequaye paid them a visit and outlined their needs.

The hospital needed a facelift as the building was in a bad condition. They also needed equipment such as BP apparatus, Mattresses, Drip Stand, Detergents, pillows, bedsheets, pillow covers, etc.

With the help of Petro Services Africa, we were able to get all times that were listed by the doctors and nurses of the hospital.

Upon arrival, the team painted the hospital and gave it a new look. This made the patients very happy as well as the community folks.

The team spent two days at the clinic so that we could experience the life of the doctors and the nurses, especially during the night. 

Unfortunately, in the night, there was an emergency which the team witnessed. A student was rushed to the hospital on foot. She could not breathe well and was restless. That was when we identified another need. In this era of Covid-19 and its management, the hospital lacked oxygen and cylinders to manage situations when cases turn to the worse.

That was when our team members took it upon themselves to buy some cylinders and oxygen for the hospital.

This is the life we have chosen to live; this is the passion that drives the team. To see others happy and healthy. To see children having good conditions to live a better life.