One key component to us is communication. We believe in communication driven by effective listening skills. We communicate at all levels from top to down management. We also use a lot of our events to communicate our intentions and impact within our settings to the society.

Respect is the key to a sound social environment. We cannot all form one opinion on issues and ideas. Different people, different thinking, different ideas. Passion driven is our hallmark. Mutual respect and agreement is something we cannot do without.

At PerVita Foundation we are all responsible ofr our own actions. The challenges within this sector paves way for a lot of corrupt activities and ideas but our core value should be on the basis of transparency, truthfulness and fairness. We are heading towards a common goal but we are responsible for our actions.

There is no room for discrimination on the grounds of race, color, sex, religion, fellowship/membership, disability, etc. We encourage oneness regardless of your country or origin.

The light of truthfulness and trustworthiness is our core concern. Many have lost trust and integrity due to their greedy nature. We believe in transparency in all our dealings.